Daniele Calimera

Daniele Calimera was born in Rome and has played guitar and sung since he was 14. His first band was formed at school where he sang covers of hits from the 60’s and 70’s (Pink Floyd, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple). He went on to work with the group Never Blame (https://myspace.com/neverblame) for which he wrote and composed original rock songs both in Italian and English.
In 2012 he joined the band Burning Desire where he sang original 80’s hard rock songs and in 2013 he joined a Europe Tribute band called Stormwind touring regularly. He began studying vocal technique with the teacher Arabella Vallone in Rome, where he focus his vocal studying in diaphragmatic breathing for two years.
After studying theory,composition, solfeggio and piano at ST.LOUIS college of music in Rome, Daniele began seriously studying vocal technique, but wanting to develop further he joined the Institute of Vocal Advancement on their teacher training program working with some of the world’s foremost voice experts. After experiencing the dramatic changes this technique brings giving him the ability to smooth the breaks in his voice, he is now bringing his experience both on the stage and in the classroom to a new generation of performers and singers.He studied with Roberto Delli Carri, Stephanie Borm-Krueger, Jeffrey Skouson,Rachel Black and Andres Martorell.

Fonte: Facebook – Daniele Calimera – Voice Teacher

Luna (Notre Dame de Paris Cover) – Daniele Calimera. Un omaggio ad una delle più belle canzoni del famoso Musical di Riccardo Cocciante.